5 Common Lawnmower Maintenance Problems

Posted on May 12, 2022 by Mike Connell

lawnmower maintenance problems

As we roll into the second week of May, there’s no doubt about it… we’re in mowing season. From this point on, we’ll all be mowing our yards once or twice a week until October. But lawnmowers can be tricky and have quite a few problems, especially after being in storage all winter. If you’re having trouble with your mower, we want to help you troubleshoot. Here are five common issues.

1. Failures to Start

Failures to start have many potential causes. But we’ll list some of the most common ones below.

Fuel supply

Ensure your tank is full, your fuel valve is open, and your carburetor is unrestricted. If your mower is getting fuel but still won’t start, it may be flooded. Turn off the fuel supply for a moment, lay off the throttle, and crank the engine a few times. Then restore the fuel supply and try starting the mower. That should solve the flooding issue.

Dirty spark plug

Remove the spark plug, clean it with a rag, and reinstall it. If the spark plug is particularly corroded, replace it with a new plug.

Dirty air filter

An engine needs air supply as much as it needs gasoline. Examine your air filter for excess dirt. Try blowing it out with an air hose or installing a fresh filter.

2. Tire Pressure

If your mower is hard to push, turn, or seems sluggish, you may have a low tire. Refill the tire to the tire’s recommended PSI capacity.

3. Engine Oil

Your mower needs to be well-oiled for proper engine lubrication. Failure to keep adequate oil could lead to catastrophic engine failure. Always use an appropriate, manufacturer-recommended oil for your mower. Be sure not to overfill your oil reservoir, or you may cause your mower to leak and smoke.

4. Dull Mower Blades

If your lawnmower seems down on power, it could be that your blades need sharpening. Sharp blades make cutting more efficient and make your mower seem more powerful.

5. Bent Drive Shaft

When a mower hits an obstacle, it can bend its driveshaft. This is generally more of a concern on pushmowers. Intense shaking of the lawnmower may give this away. If your driveshaft is bent, it will require a significant engine repair.

Expert Lawnmower Repair from M&K Outdoors

At M&K Outdoor Products, we pride ourselves on offering the best lawnmower maintenance service in the four states. Whether you need a full engine rebuild or a blade sharpening, we’re here for you. Contact us today!

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