5 Common Lawnmower Maintenance Problems

As we roll into the second week of May, there’s no doubt about it… we’re in mowing season. From this point on, we’ll all be mowing our yards once or twice a week until October. But lawnmowers can be tricky and have quite a few problems, especially after being in storage all winter. If you’re […]

By Mike Connell

Is Your Lawn Equipment Tuned Up? Spring Checklist!

The air is warm and humid, and the grass is starting to grow. It’s springtime in Missouri! But as most of us turn our minds toward lawn care, now is the time to make sure our equipment is prepared for the mowing season! Below is our lawn care equipment maintenance checklist for the season.Lawn Equipment […]

By Mike Connell

Steps for Stringing a Weed Eater

The string on a weed eater is a vital component as the string is what cuts the grass and weeds. As it wears away from use from repeated contact, more string is fed through from the spool in the weed eater head until the spool is emptied and needs to be restrung. Stringing a weed […]

By Mike Connell

Protect Yourself With Chainsaw Safety Gear

Homeowners need to protect themselves from accidents that can potentially occur while using a chainsaw. Falling limbs and moving over unlevel ground covered with timber debris to even when logs roll unexpectedly when cut. Any hazard can become dangerous and result in serious injury without correct chainsaw safety gear. With education, proper technique and personal […]

By Mike Connell

3 Parameters to Explain “What Size Chainsaw Do I Need?”

Whether you are a first time buyer or need a new chainsaw because it isn’t working properly any more, there are a few key parameters that will help you determine the correct size. Choosing the proper type and size chainsaw that will fit your needs is essential. Trying to save money and buy a smaller […]

By Mike Connell

3 Ways to Determine When to Replace the Chainsaw Bar

From checking the conditions of the chain to adding fuel and applying oil there are several components to inspect before starting up your chainsaw. One of the components to check is the condition of the chainsaw bar. It’s a vital piece of equipment that needs to be cared for along with other fundamental parts of a chainsaw. […]

By Mike Connell

4 Chainsaw Maintenance Checkpoints

Chainsaw maintenance is the key to higher performance and longer lifespan of your chainsaw. The process of a chainsaw tune-up needs to be properly completed, not only for the machine but also for your safety. Regular chainsaw maintenance helps prevent issues like the motor constantly shutting off or running so roughly that it causes kickbacks. […]

By Mike Connell

When Should I Sharpen My Chainsaw?

This time of year, most of us are stowing our lawnmowers and weed eaters. But, for many of us, it’s time to break out our chainsaws. Whether you use a wood stove to heat your home, want to do some land clearing, or trim a limb before an ice storm, now is the time to […]

By Mike Connell

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